Awards Program

Set Yourself Apart

The Awards Program is designed to award our Pledges points for participating in various activities sponsored by IEJL. These activities serve to gradually increase our Pledge's level of ethical awareness and to plant the seeds for an ethically conscious community.   

Pledges can achieve higher Awards Levels by earning more points. Higher Award Levels relate to greater opportunities and benefits for our Pledges. These rewards include deals and discounts provided by IEJL's supporting businesses and the chance to distinguish themselves to employers on our Job Connect career website.  (These points will expire after 18 months to maintain engagement).

  • New Pledge: 0-200 points.
  • Bronze: 201-300 points
  • Silver: 301-400 points
  • Gold: 401-600 points
  • Platinum:  > 600 points.


Check out the different engaging and entertaining ways to start earning points below!