Become A Pledge

Promote Your Support of Ethical Business Practices

The Pledge Program is the foundation of the IEJL's mission to abate corruption. IEJL defines a pledge as a future leader who has registered on the IEJL website (free of charge) and has taken the "IEJL Oath of Ethical Commerce." 

"Future Leaders" are defined by IEJL as university/college students (trade certification, Associates degree, Bachelor's degree, Master's degree and PhD), early career stage employees and anyone who supports an ethical culture. 

IEJL Pledges are able to participate in our Awards Program and can earn points by increasing their level of ethical awareness through IEJL sponsored activities. The higher the Pledge's ranking, the better the benefits. Rewards include deals and discounts offered by IEJL partnering vendors and access the IEJL Job Connect career website.

Click the button below to sign up as a Pledge today and take the "IEJL Oath to Ethical Commerce" to join our ethical community!