Awards Program

The Awards Program awards Pledges for increasing their level of ethical awareness. Points are awarded to Pledges for participating in activities sponsored by IEJL and are given based on the level of participation, performance, and contribution to the mission. (These points will expire after 18 months in order to maintain engagement). Pledges accumulate points to attain higher Award levels. These Award levels are defined as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The higher the award level, the greater the benefits. The Platinum level is considered the highest Award level that a Pledge can attian and provides the greatest rewards to IEJL Pledges. Incentives to attain higher Award levels include access to deals and discounts provided by IEJL partnering merchants and the opportunity for Pledges to distinguish themselves as ethically conscious job seekers on the IEJL Job Connect career website.

Through the Awards Program, IEJL keeps its community building methods fun and engaging, while providing benefits and opportunities desired by the future leaders within the community.

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