Online Presence Specialist


About the job

We are seeking a Volunteer Online Presence specialist who will be responsible for building and maintaining a positive online image for our company. You will be in charge of developing our website, expanding our social media presence, and maintaining our online platforms. You will utilize these platforms in order to communicate our mission to prospective companies and members. Additionally, you will manage and maintain these platforms to provide an excellent experience for our current members.

To be successful in this role, you will need a deep understanding of digital marketing. You will also need excellent written and design skills.

Online Presence Specialist Responsibilities: 

  •  Assist in the oversight of the IEJL website development project.
  • Work alongside programmers in the development and design of the IEJL website.
  • Manage and maintain the IEJL website. (This includes keeping pages, content, press releases, and events up to date)
  • Assist with the development and execution of our multi-channel social media strategy.
  • Study the organization's objectives, promotional policies, and needs to build online marketing strategies that influence public opinion and promote the mission, ideas, and services.
  • Create engaging text, image and video content for social posts to facilitate member/follower engagement.
  • Facilitate online conversations and respond to social media posts, comments and inquiries in a timely, informative, appropriate way.
  • Stay up-to-date with changes in all social media platforms to ensure maximum effectiveness of social media strategy and implementation.


Online Presence Specialist Requirements:

  • Pursuing or obtained Bachelor degree in computer science, graphic design, PR, marketing or related field.
  • Basic computer skills.
  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Great attention to detail and high level of organization.
  • An ability to work on big strategic plans as well as day-to-day tasks.
  • Ability to think both creatively and strategically.
  • Ability to run social media campaigns that deliver measurable results and meet objectives.
  • Deadline-oriented, inquisitive, with great follow-up and reporting skills.
  • Strong understanding of social media.
  • Responds well under pressure with a strict time limit.
  • Quick and enthusiastic learner.

Job Summary


United States | California | Newport Beach