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About IEJL

The International Economic Justice League, Inc. (IEJL) is a California nonprofit 501 (c)(3) corporation, founded in 2016, with the mission to abate corruption. To accomplish this objective, IEJL is empowering a community  to stop corruption.

IEJL is a team of dedicated and passionate individuals who are taking steps towards eliminating corruption. Students and alumni from around the world are spearheading IEJL to accomplish the objective of a brighter and more ethical future.


Planting the Seeds


Pledges: The Foundation of IEJL

The future leaders who join IEJL are called "Pledges" due to the requirement that they register on the IEJL website (free of charge) and sign a pledge of ethical behavior. IEJL primarily recruits early career stage employees, college/university students, and anyone who supports an ethical culture. These Pledges serve as the backbone of IEJL’s community. Targeting these future leaders is essential to IEJL’s mission, as they will serve as catalysts for ethical change.


What We Do


A Rewards Based System

Pledges are enrolled in IEJL’s programs, which are designed to increase their awareness of corruption and abuses of power. Pledges earn points for participating in these programs.  As points accumulate, Pledges earn ranks of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The higher their rank, the deeper discounts and better benefits they earn. The idea is to reward these future leaders for acting ethically so they will continue these practices in their future careers. Pledges can earn points through multiple programs sponsored by IEJL.

Interactive Content

IEJL engages its future leaders by providing exciting and enriching content via an interdisciplinary enculturation system. This interactive content incorporates themes of corruption and ethics. It ranges from pop culture to current events and can be in the form of music, videos, audio narratives, news articles, or short stories. The premise is to provide content of all types and genres in order appeal to a wide range of preferences within the Pledge community. At the end of each piece of content, the Pledge receives points by analyzing the ethical consequences through a series of short questions.  

IEJL goes straight to its target audience and utilizes its local chapters to search the internet for content that appeals to them. In addition to existing content, IEJL works with film schools to curate, create and produce content of all forms and genres that feature an ethical consequence. As an incentive for students in the film schools to produce the requested content, IEJL contracts with marquee “Screeners” (producers, directors, and other professionals within the film industry) who will screen the content with the objective to identify talent with commercial potential or exceptional ability.  

Local Chapters

City-based and university chapters across the country will serve as communities in which individuals can provide one another with face-to-face fellowship and peer support. It is nearly impossible for one person to fight off corruption, however it is difficult to deny the strength of a movement which has been ignited within a community. The future is in the hands of our young leaders and it is essential that they support each other in the identification of corruption and the implementation of ethical business practices. The main purpose of these local chapters will be to offer our future leaders a community in which they can cultivate these ethical business practices and provide eachother with peer-support. Pledges can earn points by attending community-building activities, which may include member meetings, retreats, community service, campus outreach, and social outings.


The Rewards


Pledge Discounts

IEJL teams up with merchants to provide discounts, deals, and other opportunities for Pledges who have attained various Award levels. This further incentivizes IEJL Pledges to increase their ethical awareness and attain higher rankings in order to unlock access to greater economic benefits.

Merchants who want to team up with IEJL to provide discounts will benefit from the ability to market their support of ethical business practices to their customers and stakeholders. In an environment that is becoming increasingly distraught with the culture of corruption, the ability to publicize support for an organization dedicated to ethics can go considerably far among consumers. Additionally, IEJL will market these supporting merchant’s businesses and services to its vast community of pledges.

Job Connect

IEJL Job Connect is a job portal that operates similarly to other well-known career websites, in which Pledges broadcast their usual qualifications.  The added value offered by Job Connect is that the Pledges (candidates) have developed a culture of ethical commerce and can distinguish themselves based on their level of engagement within IEJL's programs and the community. This gives Pledges the ability to set themselves apart from other applicants by attaining higher awards levels.

One very public way for businesses to advertise their support for ethical commerce and show definitive action towards that goal is to hire IEJL Pledges. Employers seeking to hire ethically aware employees will target the higher ranking Pledges. These employers can expect Pledges to share their ethical business practices among other employees with the hope of transforming (or maintaining) the company's ethics. The commitment to hiring ethical employees creates an attractive company culture that can be marketed to stakeholders, vendors, and consumers.


Extending Ethical Influence via IEJL International Ventures

As part of IEJL’s international focus, the team is working with heads of state, ministry level officers, and business leaders to identify ethics issues within the regional industry. IEJL is collaborating with foreign officials to identify opportunities for foreign direct investment.  The agreement with the head of state is, in exchange for the foreign direct investment, he/she removes all forms of corruption.

Once IEJL identifies an opportunity, IEJL Entrepreneurs perform a feasibility study in cooperation with the USTDA (United States Trade and Development Agency). If the feasibility study proves viable, IEJL can create a for-profit entity (“NewCo”) to develop and operate the opportunity. The NewCo is subject to extensive quarterly ethics audits.  The NewCo is funded by a combination of development bank loans (World Bank, ASEAN development Bank, Ex-Im Bank, OPIC, etc.) plus investors. IEJL holds a carried interest in the project to help with the IEJL program funding. The NewCo is staffed with in-country Platinum Level Pledges and seasoned industry executives who have achieved the Platinum Level of recognition.

The strategy of the Foreign Direct Investment program is to establish three to five NewCos in each country which are promoted heavily in the country. As each NewCo interacts with its customers, vendors, and regulators, their use of ethical business practices will influence other non-IEJL companies to conduct business within ethical boundaries.




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