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Billions of people are affected by corruption everyday

Corruption causes food shortages, inhibits access to quality education and healthcare, and causes distrust of government, businesses, and individuals. Learn how to recognize corruption using our library while joining a global community of ethically-minded individuals, gaining access to ethical employers, and supporting ethical brands that reward you based on your level.

Who are we?

IEJL creates a culture of ethical business practices among its target demographic of the 18 to 30-year-old population. We follow a proven method of establishing a culture. It is the same method used by churches, Boy/Girl Scouts, and other service organizations. We use a gamified rewards-based system of education, fellowship, and communication to achieve our goal. Our educational programs, employment opportunities, Merchant discounts, Chapter locations, and communication platforms are all accessible online.

What is Corruption?

Ethics cover a very broad range of issues, many are based on family or religious values. We do not get involved in those issues. Our mission is to abate corruption and promote ethical business practices. We define ethical business practices as non-corrupt practices. Corruption is defined as the abuse of power for personal gain or gain for a few. In many companies and governments, corruption has become a culture. The consequences ripple out and have devastating effects on our communities, our environment, and our future.

corruption has become widespread

The perils of corruption are not only debilitating to a country’s GDP, but it robs citizens of the ability to live a prosperous life. The corruption perception index of 2018 illustrates how corruption remains cancerous around the world. Corruption is everywhere. According to the corruption perception index of 2018, more than 120 countries and territories out of 180 ranked 50 or lower out of 100 on a scale that indicates the perceived level of corruption, where 0 is highly corrupt and 100 is clean. Unfortunately, these statistics have remained relatively static for years.

Current Programs

We run many programs to achieve our goal.



A fun and engaging, community-curated library designed to help you identify corruption, understand its impact, and take action.


A secure, ad-free social network. Stay in touch with local Pledges as well as our global community, join discussions, and play games.


Join a local chapter to connect in person with local Pledges, attend events, form friendships, and support each other in anti-corruption efforts.



Get discounts on products and services from your favorite ethical brands.  Discounts are based on your Award Level.

 Job Connect

Access an exclusive job board where your Award Level will help you gain visibility and trust with employers.

See what our members say about us

“I have a great time with other volunteers in IEJL and gained precious experience. It is my honor to be a member of IEJL.”

Stanley W.

“Volunteering with IEJL has put me in contact with amazing and passionate people to work tirelessly to end corruption. With IEJL, I collaborated and helped put into place a framework to help end corruption.”

Jerry Z.

“IEJL sets up an excellent example and will impact future generations to remove corruption and to improve business ethics. I like how IEJL will positively influence my career because I plan to own a business in the future. By implementing IEJL’s ideology, I can learn how to be an efficient business owner and thrive!”

Nghi Q.

“Volunteering with IEJL is a wonderful opportunity to pursue a change in something that expands beyond our community. I did not realize how the work I do can be of an effect towards a global cause. I am excited to strive for a corrupt-free society alongside passionate individuals and future leaders”

Rachel L.

“I joined IEJL because I wanted to be a part of a movement that would help change the world for the better. This organization reaches out to the youth of today to positively influence the leaders of tomorrow. To contribute, I, along with other UC Irvine IEJL volunteers, helped start the IEJL chapter at UC Irvine. In doing so, IEJL will make its mark on spreading ethical awareness and combat corruption starting with the future leaders at UC Irvine.”

Hilary N.

“My name is Jialai Zhou, and I am second-year Film and Media Studies major. I volunteer at the IEJL as a content creator, and I can try to help with documenting and uploading information for the UCI chapter. It’s a great experience to prepare myself for future opportunities.”

Jialai Z.

“Working with IEJL has allowed me the opportunity to work with other like-minded students and professionals in an environment where I am able to contribute ideas, be challenged, and learn! I enjoy receiving the feedback and open-minded perspectives offered by my peers, and I take pride in this great opportunity to contribute to IEJL’s positive mission to demolish corruption for our current and future generations worldwide. Contributing to a globally recognized goal that has the ability to positively enhance ethics and morals within powerful structures worldwide is very motivating and naturally rewarding.”

Lindsay M.

“I’ve learned so much from my time volunteering at IEJL! It’s such a great community of people and I’ve had so much fun.”

Jennifer T.

“I have had so much fun volunteering at IEJL. I am able to work alongside a great staff, while gaining valuable experience. Everyone should join us in our fight to abate corruption!”

Kyra H.

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