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Corruption is a Culture

In many companies and governments, corruption has become a way of life. It has become a culture which transcends all economic classes, religions, races, and social groups.

The International Economic Justice League is working to stop this culture of corruption.

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Become a Pledge

Become a Pledge

Join our community of Pledges by taking our "IEJL Oath to Ethical Commerce."

Awards Program

Awards Program

The Awards Program awards Pledges points for increasing their awareness of ethical commerce. More points equals more benefits!

Job Connect

Job Connect

The IEJL Job Connect website provides employers access to a community of ethically conscious job seekers.

Join a Local Chapter

Join a Local Chapter

IEJL establishes Chapters in cities around the world to help in the fight against corruption.

Pledge Discounts

Pledge Discounts

IEJL partners with businesses to offer deals and discounts to our community of Pledges.


Join Us in Our Mission to Abate Corruption

Volunteers are the brains and brawn of IEJL! Top volunteers are recognized and rewarded at our Galas.  Please join us by volunteering for one of the activities listed below.  



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