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Founders’ Circle

Ethically committed businesses and individuals wishing to join hands with IEJL, in its mission of promoting ethical business practices in the community are invited to be a part of our Founders’ Circle.

Our Mission
IEJL offers several levels of exposure and marketing opportunities for you and your company based on your donation amount. As a sponsor, you help us cultivate change, and your organization will be recognized for supporting ethical business practices.

 “It’s Time”: Rise up and act!

IEJL is initiating a social campaign titled, “It’s Time”. The objective of this campaign is to create an awakening in the community about the negative impact of corrupt practices on the society. It aims to create an increased sense of urgency in the community as a call to action to create a community with a culture of ethical business practices. This allows the community to reap the benefits of better healthcare, stronger education, and greater trust in business and society. The social movement is planned to launch at the county level, and further to be magnified to a national scale campaign.

Be recognized as a founding member of this social movement. Become a Founder Circle member! Let your commitment to ethical business practices, to the community echo across the nation!

Being a Founder: Benefits and Privileges

* Applies to selected program/event

Be a Patron: With a donation as low as $250, any business/ individual can be an IEJL Patron.  Patrons will
be recognized with a sponsorship Plaque and name placement on IEJL’s website Founders’ Circle page.

Join The Founders’ Circle Now

Who is IEJL Founders’ Circle

Our Founders’ Circle are the individuals and businesses who are the founding contributors to the international movement of raising awareness about corruption. They reflect their positive commitment to promote ethical business practices in their community.

How to become a Founder Circle Member

To be an IEJL Founders’ Circle member, any business, or individual may make a financial donation to International Economic Justice League, Inc. The donation will fund the “Its Time” campaign and/or any development of the IEJL mission.

Founders’ Circle

Mamey Investment Corporation

Together,  Building Ethical Communities

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